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fandom_action's Journal

Appropriate Action for Protecting Fandom
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To Organize Fans to Take Appropriate Legal Action
"He who shouts loudest, wins" is very much alive and well in the world today. Fandom has it particularly bad. Laws passed over a decade ago in the US were never designed with today's world in mind continue to result in censorship of what would otherwise be, appropriate uses of the 1st Amendment. Fanfic writers can use DMCA requests to take down obvious, recognizable examples of satire. Companies can put such fear of lawsuit into Six Apart, that they will completely ban users. And every single example of this goes back to aging laws written for a world that was new and unexplored.

Running from a site won't change anything. If fandom moves to another site, that new site will become the next target. The only way to act, is to take appropriate action and go after the laws that hurt fandom, and strive to get laws in place that protect fandom. And that requires community action.

This community is designed to be a place to discuss and take action to create the changes needed to improve the rights of fans everywhere.

Message me if you have suggestions to improve this